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Sears No. 124 in Tillamook, Oregon

Sears No. 124 7050 Fairfview Avenue Tillamook Oregon
Probable Sears No. 124 • 7050 Fairview Avenue, Tillamook, Oregon • 1913
Folks, we've got another Sears model No. 124 on the list! At least, we think it's one. This is number
Sears 124 1916 catalog Daily Bungalow
Sears No. 124 as shown in Daily Bungalow's 1916 catalog

eleven on our national database of Sears houses in the U.S., and of those, only two (testimonial houses) are authenticated. But, this is such a unique home, that we're pretty confident when we find one. Even the "lookalike" model by Keith's magazine has easily identifiable differences, so we're usually pretty comfortable with the ID.  County tax site records tell us that this house was built in 1913, and that seems plausible:  Houses By Mail tells us that the No. 124 was offered as early as 1911, and continued in the catalogs through 1917, though we've seen it listed in the 1909.

I learned of this house through a comment left, early in February, on my blog post about the Sears No. 178 in Guthrie Center, Iowa.  The commenter mentioned that the 178 looked just like a house that she drove past every day on the way to work, in Tillamook, Oregon.  Thanks to that comment, I looked around Tillamook (using Google maps streetview), and, amazingly, came across this house.  (Hey, here's a request: if you know of a Sears house you'd like to tell us about, could you give us a street, and a nearby cross street? I had no idea where in Tillamook to look for this house.) Since it was on the commenter's way to work everyday, I decided to focus on a main road, first, and eventually found it. 

sears 178 sears 124
Sears No. 178 on the left (from my 1914 catalog); Sears No. 124 on the right, with its drastic dip front porch roof.
The No. 178 and the No. 124 are sisters. Or cousins. Or half-siblings. Or something :) The No. 178 is a full two stories, including front windows on the upper rooms -- one being a bay window, to top the bay window on the first floor front -- and the No. 124 is two full stories, but with an overhanging front porch roof that dips very low in the front, obscuring the upper front windows that the catalog's floor plan says are there.  You can't see them at all, if they are there. Take a look at this image:

Sears 178 vs Sears 124

You can see from these two front elevation views, that there is much more upper front to see, on the No. 178.  If you look at the floor plans for the two models, next to each other, you see very little difference in the main rooms at all... just the upstairs front right bedroom having a bay window on the 178, that is absent from the No. 124:
sears 178 floor plan sears 124 floor plan
Sears No. 178 and No. 124 floor plans.
The No. 124 vs Keith's Magazine's Lookalike
The only lookalike model to the No. 124 that we're aware of, is a plan-only model (not available as a kit) put out early in the 1900s by Keith's Magazine.  The two are remarkably similar, but the side view of our Tillamook house shows clearly that it contains features only seen on the Sears model, and not on Keith's: two full-size upper windows on the upper left elevation, and a small square opening in the side of the porch roof overhang:
Sears 124 vs Keith's magazine lookalike
The dormers are obviously different, too, but there is another view of this Keith's model,
with a dormer similar to the Sears dormer.
Unfortunately, I don't have any interior photos to show you, of the Tillamook house, but here's a view of the other side of the house (all house views are thanks to Google maps streetview):
Sears No. 124 7050 Fairfview Avenue Tillamook Oregon

However, a Sears No. 124 in Rensselaer, New York came up for sale in the past few years, and we were treated to some beautiful interior photos (click to enlarge):

Here is the Trulia listing for this house.

Gleaming, gorgeous floors and woodwork.

Here's the front bay window.
Our Western U.S. Sears Houses
What is exciting about locating this Tillamook, Oregon Sears house, is that it is so far west in the United States.  We don't believe that there are many Sears homes west of the central part of the U.S. Those we've been able to find are few and far between.  This No. 124 in Tillamook is, in fact, the most far west we have found any Sears house, except for one that we know of in Alaska.  So, if you happen upon this blog, and you know of any Sears houses in our western U.S. states, please leave a comment (with a street and nearby cross street, or, even better, an address).  Don't worry that you might be mistaken -- we'd rather investigate, and rule out, than not know of a Sears house just waiting to be found!

I'll leave you with a look at the very impressive map that researcher Andrew Mutch (Kit House Hunters) put together for us, with all of the over 6,500 Sears homes that we've located to date:
Our actual map is interactive, so we can zoom in and out, and click to get an address.  This is just a screenshot.

To see the No. 178 that I located in Guthrie Center, Iowa (including interior photos from a real estate listing), go here.


  1. It appears that this house is currently for sale (as of Jan 2019). The listing has more photos of the inside:

  2. Oh wow! Almost unrecognizable inside.:(
    I guess the layout is there with an addition in the back? Wondering if the stairs were altered for it, or had been an option in original plans.


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