Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Welcome Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Readers!

Welcome Pittsburgh Post-Gazette readers!
This isn't me! It's my friend, and fellow kit house researcher, Karen (and her little pup, Pippi!), whose Sears Hamilton in Pittsburgh, was featured in a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article today, written by Stephanie Ritenbaugh, with photographer Stephanie Strasburg.
My blog and comments were included in the article, as well.

If you're interested in seeing more kit homes in Pennsylvania, I've showcased a few -- though we have found over 800 in Pennsylvania, the bulk of them in the greater Pittsburgh area.

• To read the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article (and see photos of Karen's Sears Hamilton), click here.

• To see a Sears Americus in Pittsburgh, click here.
• And, here's another Sears Americus in Pittsburgh, with an Americus dollhouse made by the original owner, for his daughters.

Sears No. 145, later known as the Arlington.

Aladdin Homes' Pomona model
• I featured a Sears Arlington, and an Aladdin Pomona model, both in Pittsburgh, in this blog post.

Sears Bandon

• I featured two Sears Bandons in the Pittsburgh area, in this blog post.

Not a Sears house, but a kit house nonetheless:
A Wardway Winthrop.
This blog post features a kit house by the Montgomery Ward company, who called their kit homes Wardway Homes. This model was called the Winthrop, and was offered as a model home for a short while.

catalog images of Sears Hillsboro, Sears Osborn, Sears Wilmore

• Further afield in Pennsylvania, you can find the Sears Hillsboro, Sears Osborn, and Sears Wilmore, that I featured in this blog post.

catalog images of Sears Yates, Sears Avondale, Sears Avalon
• These three Sears models -- Sears Yates, Sears Avondale, Sears Avalon -- were found on Third Street in Penn Hills (Verona), and were featured in this blog post.

Sears Cornell blueprints, and home in Glenshaw.
• The customized Sears Cornell model (with blueprints!) in the Glenshaw area of Pittsburgh, was part of this blog post, about the Haven, Cornell, and Davenport, three very similar Sears models.

color catalog images of Sears Alhambra, Sears Elsmore, Aladdin Shadow Lawn
• These three kit homes -- a Sears Alhambra, a Sears Elsmore, and an Aladdin Homes Shadow Lawn, are located in Ben Avon PA, Indiana PA, and Pittsburgh PA, and you can read more about them, here.

• My recent blog post about an Elmhurst in Sewickley, Pennsylvania

Learn More
To learn more about kit homes, browse the "ID This House" section of my blog, or peruse the many blog posts in the archives of my blog (links on the right side of my blog).

If you'd like to see authentic Sears Modern Homes catalogs, you can find links to see many of those, here (and catalogs from other kit-house companies).

FaceBook: We maintain the Sears Modern Homes page on FaceBook, featuring a new kit house every few days.

If you have reason to suspect that you have a Sears house (or a kit by another company), please leave a comment (or contact me at SearsHouseSeeker@gmail.com) and tell me about it!

For more information on who we are, and what we do, visit our website: SearsHouses.com

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