Saturday, October 22, 2016

Sears Parkside in Middletown, Rhode Island

43 Beacon Street, Middletown, Rhode Island • Read the website about this home, here.
Last year, right around this point in October, I did a blog post about an authenticated Sears Parkside model in St. Louis.  Fellow researcher Cindy Catanzaro, of Sears Houses in Ohio, had also shared with me a photo of a cute Parkside in Middletown, Rhode Island, so I included that in my blog post.

sears parkside 1932 catalog
The Sears Parkside is the Sears Jeanette, with an added front vestibule.
This week, I received a message from the owner of that sweet little Sears house, and she shared with me that she had put together a website telling about her home's history as a Sears house, including photos taken during construction, by the original owners, photos of paperwork with Sears regarding the ordering of the kit, and various other interesting photos and bits of information.  It's a great read, and a good-looking website.  Take a look for yourself, by clicking here!

Here is the house in question (with its previous paint colors), showing off its Christmas decorations... and the trademark Sears curly-cue-ended decorative iron strapping :
sears parkside sears door decorative iron strapping

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