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Sears Special 1926 Supplement-- Thanks, Daily Bungalow!

1926 sears modern homes special supplement
The cover page of the only known copy of the 1926 Sears Modern Homes Special Supplement,
purchased by Lauren Russell, owner of and Daily Bungalow.
Recently, a fun little item came up on eBay: a Special Supplement catalog of Honor Bilt Sears Modern Homes, introducing 15 new (then) designs. We figured the year to be 1926, judging on the homes introduced in the supplement.

We, in the kit-house research community, send out a hearty, "Thanks!" to Lauren Russell, for purchasing this supplement, with the specific intent of sharing it freely for those of us in the kit-house research community (and the general public, of course). Lauren owns and runs several historic-house websites that serve as invaluable tools for educating and enlightening the public:

Daily Bungalow
Arts & Crafts Society

The 1926 Special Supplement included some of our favorites, and some models that we don't come across very often. For example:

sears special supplement homewood
As shown in the Daily Bungalow album, here.
The Sears Homewood   
Fellow researcher Andrew Mutch, shared with us an authenticated Homewood that he found in the Poet's Corner neighborhood of Hartsdale, New York, in this post of his Kit House Hunters blog.

sears special supplement elmwood 1926
As shown in the Daily Bungalow album, here.
The Sears Elmwood
We hadn't seen this model before, so this was a nice find.  There was an earlier, bungalow-style model named the Elmwood, but this, as you see, is a large colonial. D.C. realtor, and historic house researcher, Catarina Bannier, thinks she may have found an example of this house, in the D.C. area. Read about it here.

sears special supplement oak park 1926
As shown in the Daily Bungalow album, here.
The Sears Oak Park
One of several dutch-colonial revival homes that Sears began selling in the mid to late 1920s, researcher and blogger Lara Solonickne  (Sears Homes of Chicagoland) blogged here about one of these that is in Barrington, Illinois. She authenticated it through its inclusion as a testimonial house, in a brochure shared with us by Cindy Catanzaro, researcher and blogger at Sears Houses in Ohio.

Thanks again to Lauren Russell, and her continued generosity in sharing her catalog purchases with the general public. 

You can see this 1926 Sears Supplement, in its entirety, at several spots on the Internet:

Here, on
Here, in her Daily Bungalow albums
Here, on the Antique Home - Daily Bungalow blog
Here, on the Antique Home Pinterest page

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  1. Thank you Lauren for giving us all these online resources! And thanks, Judith, for making everyone aware of another lover of kit houses who doesn't hoard information. :)



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