Saturday, December 17, 2016

Lookalikes With Lights • December 2016

Lookalike to the Sears Lynnhaven, Kirkwood, Missouri
Here is this year's collection of some lovely old homes with winter lights! You'll recognize a couple of them as lookalikes to models offered by Sears, but, there is one kit home: a Harris No. 1517, in Detroit's Minock Park (thanks, Delisa Fields!).  Other than that one, these homes are all in the beautiful St. Louis suburb of Kirkwood, Missouri.

Merry Christmas
best wishes for a wonderful new year in 

Lookalike to the Sears Mitchell

Harris No. 1517, Minock Park, Detroit 

And my favorite find of the year: A Sears Elsmore, in Overland, Missouri.

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