Thursday, February 25, 2016

Sears Alhambra in Hopewell, NJ

sears alhambra hopewell nj
Sears Alhambra • 1928 • 14 Louellen Street, Hopewell, New Jersey
Looking for a little Sears home to call your very own? This certainly looks to be an Alhambra, and it's currently listed for sale in Hopewell, New Jersey, for $549,000.  All of the interior photos in this blog post are from the Zillow listing, which you can see here.

The Alhambra, as priced in my 1928 catalog.
sears alhambra catalog
The Alhambra as shown in the 1925 catalog.
sears alhambra hopewell nj
Google Maps view of 14 Louellen Street
The 1925 and 1928 catalogs both devoted two full pages to the Alhambra, showing the floor plan and information about the house, on one page, and then a full view of the house, with depictions of the interior, on another. The 1925 catalog shows the images in color, so that's what you get to see here. From what we see from the catalog, the Hopewell home has a Sears brick fireplace, and the mantel appears to be the one shown with that fireplace, in the catalog. It looks a little more squared off in these photos, but I think it's the same one.
sears alhambra living room hopewell nj
The Hopewell home's living room.
sears alhmabra living room catalog color
The Alhambra's living room as seen in the '25 catalog.
The Hopewell Alhambra's Sears fireplace surround. Is the mantel the same?
Here is the same brick fireplace surround, as shown
in the 1929 Sears Building Materials catalog.
This fireplace and mantel, in a highly-probable Sears Puritan, in South Plainfield, NJ, shows what the mantel should look like. I think the Hopewell house has the same mantel, and the side view is just not hitting the image correctly, to show the shapes on the two bumps on the front.
sears fireplace and mantel
Sears fireplace -- exactly the same as the catalog.
129 w nassau ave south plainfield nj
The fireplace comes from this probable Puritan, at 129 W. Nassau Ave., South Plainfield, NJ.
sears alhambra interior 1925
The Sun Room, on the left, and below, in the Hopewell Alhambra.
sears alhambra living room view into sun room
The Sun Room's bump out in the Hopewell house, as seen from the LR.
sears alhambra hopewell nj
This must be the Sun Room? There's the dining room behind the French doors.
sears alhambra floor plan 1928 catalog
Floor plan as shown in the 1928 catalog. 
sears alhambra 1928
You can see the Sun Room bump out here, on the left side of the house.
Is this a Sears light fixture? Not sure. I didn't find an exact match in catalogs.
sears alhambra dining room hopewell nj
Beautiful built-in in the Hopewell dining room.
Though we can't always trust when a real estate listing says that a house is a Sears home, this one, of course, appears to be one. Here's what they had to say about the Hopewell house:
It looks like the trim on the exterior has been painted a nice pale sage green, as shown in this photo from the listing.
sears alhambra front elevation
14 Louellen Street, Hopewell, New Jersey
You never know what you'll find in the real estate listings, eh?


  1. That's the nicest Alhambra I've seen! Thanks for sharing.


  2. I like this house because there is no health hazardous popcorn ceiling. I wish I could find one like this to rent here in Los Angeles for $2500 a month.

  3. This is our home! Thanks for the nice comments. We ended up taking it off the market and will be doing a small addition to add a second bathroom.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Wonderful! Your house is beautiful :) It's great to know that you will continue to enjoy it! Glad you found my post :)

  4. Here's the Zillow listing of my Alhambra I just bought!,-NY,-12208_rb/29643748_zpid/


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