Friday, April 17, 2015

St. Joseph, MO: Radford House Design No. 102

2705 Renick Street, St. Joseph, MO • 1911
Radford design No. 102
In an earlier blog post about a Radford house design with a centered turret-style dormer, I showed the plan book page of this design, from a 1903 Radford catalogue.  I thought I had run across it in my Google-map travels around the streets of St. Jospeh, Missouri... and, indeed I had! Here it is, looking wonderful for its 100+ years of age. 

This image from Google Maps shows the same address in a previous year,
presumably before the beautiful renovations had been done.

It looks like the builder added a side window for the front upstairs bedroom.  That wall had no window in the plans.

Another pre-renovation shot from Google Maps.

Here is Design No. 102 in the 1903 Radford Ideal Homes: 100 House Plans catalogue,
available HERE on
Click to enlarge a bit more.

The renovated house was for sale recently, and is shown on The very top image, and all of the interior images below, come from that listing, accessible HERE.

I found an earlier listing, too (complete with blurry photos.... aaaarrrgggh!), that shows the previous incarnation of the kitchen, as well as the fireplace: HERE on Zillow.

Of course, I can't officially document that this 1911 home is the Radford Design No. 102, because I can't access real estate information for Buchanan County, Missouri, without paying a (hefty) fee.  All I would be able to get would be a footprint, anyway.  I don't know how one would actually verify that a house was a Radford design, without a copy of the blueprints. 

It looks like a good match to me, though! What do you think?

(To read a bit more about the history of St. Joseph, Missouri, or a bit more about buying Radford House Designs, see my previous post, HERE.)


  1. I'm OK with the exterior changes but that kitchen!

    1. Haaa haaaa :) It is a bit odd, isn't it? At least it opens to a living space now, but the stone archway and the faux antiquing treatment on the cabinets isn't my taste, either. I think it's a cool house, though! Love that upstairs bedroom with the turret sitting room.

  2. I love a nice entry foyer with stair woodwork still intact, yeah! That kitchen reno is the worst, however. How tastes change!

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